Yogic Treatments and Natural Remedies


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In Yogic Treatments and Natural Remedies, Shri Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar explains the origins of many diseases and sets out the remedies for them. The remedies coordinate yogic asanas and madras with specific diet and herbal preparations. The reader gains a new understanding of, and a new sense of control over, his or her own bodily processes.

In his Preface, the author expresses his desire to bring yogic medicine to the general public. “My purpose is to let people cure themselves …”

Along with the Asana and Mudras. a list of some free or inexpensive and easily-available. but proven and useful, medicinal remedies, as well as the methods of their application. has been. given in this book. The public can. make use of these applications by themselves. or. if needed. may consult experienced Acaryas in this respect also.

Due to limitations of time, it is not possible for me to enter into personal correspondence with anybody. Any person having questions regarding the Asana and Mudras and their performance, or the medicines and their applications, may contact their respective Acarya, or may get in touch with the secretary of their local village or district committee or of the Central Committee of Ananda Marga. So much for now.

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