Prout in a nutshell – Volume Two


Unleash social transformation with Prout: Volume Two. Discover the evolution of society, practical solutions for a just world, and be inspired to make a difference. Join the movement now! #Prout #SocialTransformation #BeTheChange

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Delve into the captivating world of Prout: Volume two and embark on a comprehensive exploration of societal transformation. This thought-provoking book takes you on a journey through a diverse range of chapters, each offering unique insights into the future of democracy, cultural interplay, human progress, and the principles of Prout (Progressive Utilization Theory).

In this volume, you’ll discover the interplay of culture and civilization, the evolution of social ages, and the revolutionary concepts of shudra revolution and Sadvipra Society. Engage with discussions on dialectical materialism, civilization, science, and spiritual progress, and ponder the future of civilization itself.

Prout: Volume two explores essential themes such as Práńa Dharma (Cosmic Ethics), social treatises, relative and absolute knowledge, theory and practice, and the impact of the nuclear revolution on society. It delves into the unity and indivisibility of human society and sheds light on topics such as agrarian revolution, social values, and the deprivation of Pr.ńa Dharma.

Gain a deeper understanding of the East-West cultural divide, the importance of caryácarya (ethical practices) in individual and social life, and the causes of sin. Explore the concept of Sadvipra Boards, the distinction between being learned and educated, and the path to uniting human society.

Discover the role of Samája Gurus (Social Teachers) and Sadvipras (Enlightened Leaders), the significance of expression and symbolization, and the concept of mental colours. Appendices provide visual representations of the social cycle and further insights into its cyclical and systaltic nature.

Prout: Volume two is an enlightening resource for those seeking a profound understanding of social dynamics and envisioning a world rooted in justice, unity, and collective progress.

Join the exploration today and unlock the transformative wisdom within Prout: Volume two.

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