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CRIMSON DAWN – MICROVITUM – Special Printed Edition
by Shrii P.R. Sarkar, Others

With Microvita Theory we are in the presence of a new line of thinking. Microvita Theory provides a different context for the interpretation of life. It is a different cosmology, a different pair of glasses for seeing reality”, a reality that is no longer matter-based but instead microvita and energy-based. The shift is impressive and it will revolutionize the foundations of science as we have been taught so far. In this special edition of Crimson Dawn, we have compiled several of the original discourses of Shrii Sarkar together with a few authors who have accepted the seemingly impossible task to explain Microvita and Microvita cosmology and make it understandable at least in some portions or some aspects. Each author has a different background reflecting in an original way they approach the subject of Microvita, its context, and its relevance.


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