Sarkar’s English Grammar and Composition

Concise grammar text listing parts of speech, articles, plural forms, origin of words, rules of spelling, case, tenses, mood and some model of composition.

Varna Vijinana – “The Science of Letters”

Varna Vijinana can be translated into English as “The Science of Letters.” However it can just as easily be rendered as “The Science of Language,” for in it the author binds the myriad and often mystifying threads of language into a single tapestry and demonstrates with remarkable clarity how they obey the laws of pure science. In a lucid and entertaining style, laced with anecdotes and stories, he uncovers the fundamental principles that govern linguistic expression and blends this with an historical perspective that throws new light on the origins of human language. Many of the ideas that inform these discourses are new to the study of linguistics and are sure to provide ample material for future research.

Shabda Cayaniká (1-28 vols)

Shabda Cayanika (A collection of Words) is a study of Bengali language – its grammar and usage. Once we begin reading however, we soon realize it is a philology of Bengali that becomes a fascinating journey through all the landscapes of human knowledge – history, geography, medicine, science, art, religion, and philosophy – using Bengali words as points of departure. In leading us through this linguistic adventure Shrii Sarkar shares his unique wisdom of the world in a way, that enriches our comprehension and clarifies our human heritage as never before.

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