History along the Way

Translating into action his new ideas regarding history, Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar demonstrate in this book, Histories along the Way Volume One, how the true history of human beings should be written by reflecting on the weal and woe, the hopes and aspirations, of the common people. The book depicts the living history behind the names of various of the earth’s towns and villages, and sets down hitherto unwritten lines from the annals of the world’s territories, races and languages. In particular, the author has brought to light the neglected, downtrodden and dishonored communities in society. He has also broken the silence that surrounded the trials, tribulations and sacrifices of hitherto unknown and unsung heroes and heroines, so as to fill human beings with strength to move forward. Finally the author has provided fascinating anecdotes and descriptions relating to little-known anthropological and archaeological facts. In this manner, he fulfills the primary objective of historical inquiry to foster the enlightened consciousness of the human family.

Rarh – The Cradle of Civilization

Gondwanaland was a super–continent that existed hundreds of millions of years ago. And the very oldest part of that continent later came to be called Rarh (“land of laterite soil”). That ancient land is now to be found within the Indian sub–continent, occupying an area mostly coextensive with the western part of West Bengal. With Rarh as the nucleus, civilization developed throughout Bengal, and the influence of Rarh spread to other lands as well. In this book the author tells this story.

Discourses on the Mahábhárata

Mahábhárata literally means “Great India”. Hence Mahábhárata became the name both for a campaign led by Krsna to unify India, and for the epic composition about that campaign. P. R. Sarkar gives a unique analysis of the historical context and of some of the key figures, including Krsna himself.

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