Ideal Farming

In 1987, Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar initiated a series of seminars on farming and Master Units at his residence in Lake Gardens, Calcutta. Notes from these lectures, later published as Ideal Farming 2 in 1990, ran over 250 pages and covered topics such as: important crops of Bengal, integrated farming, blending of crops, plant combinations, bio-fertilizers and microvita, cultural practices, pest control, growing seasons in relation to the Bengali calendar, roadside and lakeside plantings, and water conservation.

Birds and Animals-Our Neighbors

This book beautifully reflects Shrii Sarkar’s philosophy of Neohumanism, which holds that all-encompassing, perfect love is the essence of spiritual realization, and the highest stage to which humans can aspire. In this book Shrii Sarkar shows his passionate love and compassion for all forms of life, and inspires us to likewise protect birds and animals while honoring their rights and their presence on earth.

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