Caryacarya Part II (Hindi)


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 For the physical, mental and spiritual progress of humankind, the first requirement is a healthy social order. Thinking of the weal and woe of common people, and considering the wonts of their minds, Ananda Marga has set its hands to the establishment of a new social order. Whatever is true and natural has been accepted; at the same time, some means of social rectification have been suggested. No support has been extended to the ulcers that fester in the body of society while social ills and mental diseases lie concealed under the cover of false civility. And it is my firm conviction that all educated and discerning people on earth, especially the young generation, will unhesitatingly support your ideology. Indeed they were anxiously waiting for something like this. May victory be yours.

Caryácarya is the Samája Shástra (social treatise) of Ananda Marga. These three volumes set out both the organization and the cultural basis of the Ananda Marga movement.

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